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Panoramic filming and web-tours
Flash - panorama

The panoramic filming technologies are highly efficient and allow to demonstrate, if need be, the looks of the premises interiors - bars, cafes, restaurants, houses, hotels, design samples for offices (for design studio interiors), etc. to the site visitors. The panoramic Flash technologies allow to organize the virtual tours in the above premises, since the Flash panoramas may possess any degree of interactivity - a panorama-to-panorama moves with a click of a mouse, pop-up commentaries on the mouse movements, sound accompaniment, etc.

Here is a sample of a web-tour in the halls of the Zoology Museum of the Moscow State University. The tour consists of two simple panoramas with navigation tools. Use a mouse for the panorama view.

The panoramic filming technology allows to efficiently demonstrate the interiors of the car salons and to accompany a panoramic view with the necessary technical commentaries.

One more area of the Flash-panorama application is panorama of the surroundings. This is a highly efficient solution for demonstration of the surrounding landscape, selling of houses and cottages (by real estate agencies), demonstration of the landscape design works, etc.

Next way of applying the above technology is creation of an all-round view of some objects, when a user can "turn" an object around its axis. This is a most efficient way of presenting the appearance and form of any object , even in case of its relatively large size (e.g., a car).

One more peculiar feature of the technologies offered by me is their independence of the precise presentation of the panoramic images, which allows any correction, photo editing, etc. A panorama may include elements of 3D graphics and 3D models. Moreover, I am capable of creating an absolutely abstract filling of a panorama, even if the things do not exist in reality!

Basic merits of my technologies:
  • Unlike other Internet-panorama technologies, the Flash-based technologies do not require loading of an additional plug-in (application) to be able to view the panorama. Most user browsers support the Flash plug-in, while all modern browsers support it by default.
  • Flash technologies allow to use interactivity to the maximum (a panorama-to-panorama links, ordinary links in a panorama, pop-up commentaries, mouse control, sound, etc.).
  • Possible editing of the initial panoramic photo pictures.
  • Flash-technology guarantees a flow-oriented loading of data and allows for a view start before all other panoramic elements (or other panoramas in the Internet-tour) are loaded.
  • The files of a Flash panorama are in most of cases "lighter" than the files produced by other technologies, which allows the users to view them more comfortably.
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