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site management

Launching of a site on the basis of modern technologies envisages not only development of its design and pages. Quite a number of pages are based on the interconnected program solutions (site engine), which allow the "on-the-fly" management of the site information, changing of its structure, adding pages, etc. A well-developed program of the site management does not require at that a qualified personnel and the maintenance services, allowing the customers to cut on their regular expenses related to the site maintenance.

Systems of site management Basic compatibility options of the site management program
site management
single management system Provision of a single management system
  • Option to create an automated publication of data on the site (by means of automatic arrangement of the files and catalogs structures, and the information in the server database).
  • Backup copying.
Design and structure of the site pages Design and structure of the site pages are secured against user "errors"
  • Option to manage only data on the site pages.
  • The management program is independently engaged in the arrangement of the data and files structure on the part of the server, leaving a user a chance to work by means of a single program interface.
News updates News updates
  • Option to update the news blocks and announcements automatically.
  • Option to automatically maintain the "News archive" and delete old news.
Launching of new pages Launching of new pages
  • Launching of an unlimited number of pages.
  • Launching of new site sections.
  • Launching of pages outside the site structure (for the organization of links in the texts).
Editing of information on the site pages Editing of information on the site pages
  • Possible text formatting (justifying, highlighting, hyphenation, etc.).
  • Adding and equation of images.
  • Editing tables.
Arrangement and management Arrangement and management of the "files library" for a user uploads
  • Management of the files library by means of the site management program.
  • Option to organize links to a file on any site page (texts, images, etc.).
Publication of images Publication of images
  • Export of images in basic (majority) graphical formats.
  • Means of automated and efficient optimization of files to fit the Internet requirements (adjustable choosing between quality and size of an image).
  • Option to specify the size of an image in pixels.
Organization of links Organization of links
  • Possible organization of links both for the site pages and URL addresses.
  • Possible organization of links from the user-added images.
Organization of links Creation of a manageable catalog (goods, positions, services, etc.)
  • Possible hooking up of an additional page with description of each of position features (e.g., following the link "Details" in each of the positions).
Provision of an "order from site" system Provision of an "order from site" system.
  • Launching of a customer's basket with the following sending of the goods gathered.
  • Launching of an automatic calculation of a basket price.
  • Hooking up of a basket to the payment system.
Possible payments via the Internet Possible payments via the Internet (hooking up of the payment system).


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