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I am offer you a full range of services related to a web-site creation - from preliminary consultations and analysis to a complex of steps for the site promotion via the Internet. I am sincerely interested in the maximum quality of the works done, since my potential customers will be based on the works portfolio in estimating my options. I also aim at boosting the functionality of the sites by means of the most efficient program solutions, which will allow my customers to manage their sites in an easy and independent manner.

Analysis and consultations Analysis and consultations

Analysis of the available projects, consultations in the Internet, marketing and the-state-of-the-art areas. Planning of the would-be project, setting up of the domain names and the site promotion strategies.

Web design Design

Consultations on the site design aspects and the available get-up technologies. Development of the site design based on possible utilization of any of the get-up technologies - from a drawing to 3D graphics and Flash animation. Working out of the site usability tasks.

Flash Flash-animation

Development of Flash animations and the site presentations, creation of videos on the basis of Flash technologies. If need be, presentation of videos in BETACAM formats.

Software solutions Software solutions

Maintenance of a universal and convenient system of the site management is currently becoming an indispensable condition for all modern web-projects. This kind of systems allows not only to receive an ad hoc operation in managing the site information and structure, but to be independent of the qualified personnel (the site can be managed by personnel with a minimum of PC operation skills) and of the site maintenance services. We offer you a choice or developing software solutions indispensable for the site correct functioning, creation of the site management systems to be tailored to a customer's challenges and personnel, both on the basis of a web-interface and of the Windows applications on a customer's PC.

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Panoramic filming and web-tours Panoramic filming and web-tours

Creation of web-panoramas and virtual tours on several panoramas. This technology will allow you to efficiently demonstrate to your visitors both the interiors (of restaurants, bars, hotels, car salons, houses and apartments) and a general panoramic view of the surrounding nature. It is possible to create an all-round view of some objects or goods. To achieve this, I use only Flash-animation technologies and a panoramic photography, which provides a number of benefits.

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